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For you and the environment

Sustainability at Mutual is not about slogans. It's about real measurable change to our carbon output. Read about some of our sustainability efforts below

Ocean Plastic Clean Up

Our partners Verdn organize ocean plastic clean up through organizations that they audit. For every Mutual product bought, we commit money to Verdn’s efforts. You can see exactly what they are doing whenever you buy a Mutual product.

Recyclable Packaging

Our packaging is all recyclable. Our labels, shipping boxes and other materials are all recyclable. Just recycle your Mutual products as you would any other product.

Plastic To Help The Environment

We chose plastic over glass because plastic is lighter. Because Mutual is a digital product that has no retail presence, all our products are shipped out. Lighter weights mean less carbon emissions produced during transport.

Only One Bottle

Mutual was designed to be an all-in-one product. It’s your moisturizer, serum and oil, all blended into one. This means much, much less packaging usage in total. Instead of many different bottles, with Mutual, you just have one.

Local Where Possible

Where possible, we produce as much as we can locally. The vast majority of our packaging is produced in New Zealand and where possible support materials used in the production of your cream is produced in New Zealand.

No Refills

Because of the precision involved your specific formula, you can’t refill your bottle unless it has been professionally cleaned as there is a risk that the formulation won’t work nearly as well. Getting you to return your bottles to us to then get cleaned includes a carbon cost with transport and cleaning.

Low Carbon Production

Our production facilities are low carbon environments. Where possible we use low energy equipment, like LED lights and program all our equipment, like our purification air conditioning system to only work when products are being made.

No Retail Presence

No retail presence means better for the environment. Mutual is highly personalized which is why it is sold online. Another major benefit of this is that we don’t have to mass produce stock for use in retail shops. This means less transport related carbon emission and less wasted stock.

Science Is Key

We’re scientists at our core, so sustainability to us means something that we need to keep working on. It also means really looking into the detail and avoid greenwashing. To make sure that we really have low emissions we collaborate with scientists and engineers from all around the world to keep reducing our emissions.

Learn more about Verdn our collaborators in sustainability:

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