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How to use your Personalised face cream

We understand how deeply personal your skincare regime is to you. Whether you have a one step or a five step routine, Mutual Personalised Face Cream will simplify your system by delivering a moisturiser and active boosting serum in one product for day and night.

Your Routine

  1. Designed specific to you

    Mutual is designed to work around you and your normal routine. You can use Mutual morning or night, whatever you prefer.

  2. Lasting for 3 months

    Your Mutual is designed to last you for about 3 months when you use two pumps once a day. If you do use a bit more each day, keep an eye on the back of your bottle. There is a space between the label so you can see how much Mutual you have left.

  3. Manage your subscription

    If you are subscribed to us and you think your Mutual will run out quicker than in 3 months, you can easily log in to your account and order more.

Using your Mutual

  1. Cleanse

    Cleanse your face with your normal cleanser or just wash your face naturally with water.

  2. Dry

    Dry your face and if you do use any other skincare products, use them before you use Mutual.

  3. Apply

    Apply two pumps of Mutual as the final step in your skincare regime, by gently massaging into your face in circular motions.